The Adventure Begins 

In the beginning… 

This blog is probably well over due, if for no other reason than just keeping track of the things I learn in PowerShell so that I don’t forget them later. This “blog” might even work great in keeping track of those little details that make different commands work..just so… I might even remember that I wrote down those little gotchas in a place to remind myself. Regardless, it was well over due.

Train Tracks

Decisions were made 

Lately I decided that I need to deepen my knowledge and understanding of PowerShell. I know my way around the commands, and have created many wonderful tools that my co-workers and I use every day. I’ve automated or simplified a great deal of the day to day work that made up the daily chores when I first joined my team. Created tools to do audits, to help auditors get the information they require (without having to engage me for it), or just quick and dirty scripts to do what needs done once. I just feel its time to take things to the next level.

Preparing for an adventure 

Ascending to that next level leads to buying a lot of books, watching a lot of videos, and reading a lot of blogs written by the legends of the PowerShell world. I started to notice a pattern, each one of these pros were saying the same thing “Get involved in and give back to the community that has given you so much.” Start a Blog, Find people on Twitter, Start a vlog on YouTube, contribute to Reddit r/PowerShell, the PowerShell channel on discord/slack/irc/etc, forums, and the other places people look for help/advice. Network.

Seeking the wisdom of the masters 

Don Jones, thank you for your books, forum posts, blogs and videos where you tell the community to get out there.

Adam Bertram, thank you for this video,  it was the final kick in the pants, shot of courage, dose of encouragement I needed.

Forge forward into the night 

Sometimes just having available the journal of the previous encounters, can help in the battle you are currently fighting.